Siege of the Small World, 1st of the Small World Series

"Siege of the Small World," by Gerhard Plenert

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I’m extremely excited that my book, “Siege of the Small World” just released.  I am anxious to talk to readers and individuals who have read the book to share ideas and impressions.

Thanks, ~Gerhard

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Through Memorial Day Weekend this title is 30% reduced at the dpInk (DonnaInk Publications) website ( Enter the code: MDS2015 when purchasing. Good through the 26th! Visit today while supplies last!



DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. releases, “Siege of the Small World,” by Gerhard Plenert

DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. announced LDS author Gerhard Plenert’s new fantasy fiction title . . . “Siege of the Small World” as the first “History of the Small World,” series release.

"Siege of the Small World," by Gerhard PlenertPRLogFeb. 8, 2015NEW YORKFounder-CEO of DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C., Ms. D. L. Quesinberry states, “’Siege of the Small World,’ as the first ‘History of the Small World’ series title release, delivers refreshing fantasy fiction written by internationally recognized LDS author Mr. Gerhard Plenert. Endorsed by bestselling authors, such as Stephen R. Covey, Gerhard’s work has is destined to be a delightful addition to every fantasy fiction book shelf across the United States and abroad. The title illustrations are memorable as well; kudos to Mr. Plenert and his team of illustrators who include: Ms. Helen Marie Plenert, Carmichael, CA; Mr. Jonathan Noronha Pushnam, Selangor, Malaysia; and Mr. Sammy Lee Benson, Sacramento, CA. Also, an honorable mention to his Illustration touch-up artist Mr. Stephen Lamar Smith, Carmichael, CA. The publishing house applauds Gerhard’s latest work and asks our readers to do the same!”

About the Author:
Gerhard Plenert is a LDS author obsessed with the world of fantasy and is an avid reader. But reading isn’t enough. He also writes. This time wrote in a genre he enjoys. In his second life, he is an internationally recognized author having written and published books for organizations like the United Nations, and for various universities in the United States, Japan and Europe.This will be his sixteenth book.He also has over 150 articles published in journals and magazines around the world. His publications have been endorsed by companies like Black and Decker, AT&T, and FedEx and by internationally recognized bestselling authors like Stephen R. Covey. He travels internationally and works as a business consultant.

About the Title:
“The Siege of the Small World” is the first book in a fantasy series title “The History of Small World.”  In this series, we follow the lives of a group of Leprechauns whose existence has been inconvenienced by Dwarfs who are no longer trading with them.In an attempt to retaliate against the Dwarfs, the Leprechauns bring in friends from both the Elf and Lepelf communities.They take up their long and dangerous journey towards the Dwarfs but soon discover that it’s not the Dwarfs but rather Gnomes that have disrupted the harmony of their lives.And, they need to find out why. The book introduces Wizards, Riposters, Retants, Worlepreeks, Swamp Rats, and a collection of new and inventive characters for the reader to discover.


To obtain a copy of, “Siege of the Small World,” visit DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. ( or for deepest pocket discounts. This title is also available on AMAZON, CreateSpace, Barnes and Noble and other fine retailers. It will be released in digital format within sixty (60) days of print release and will be accessible on Kindle, Nook Press and others at that time.

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DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. introduces author Gerhard Plenert

"Siege of the Small World," by Gerhard PlenertMr. Plenert’s title, “Siege of the Small World,” is officially released! Press release is coming soon!